What should I bring when I come choose the material?

  • Address of the job location

  • Contact information

  • Your job measurements and drawings

  • Samples of your tiles/cabinet color to match the colours (if needed)


What do I need to have to get a quote price for my job?
In order to calculate a quote price for your job, you will need to provide us:

  • Your job measurements and drawings

  • Name of the material

  • Information about the job location

  • Sink information (if known)


Can I send email or fax to get a price quote for my job?
Yes. We will be happy to provide you an estimated quoted price. Please provide us with information including :

  • Your job measurements and drawings

  • Name of the material

  • Information about the job location

  • Sink information (if known)


What does "Supply & Installation" include? 

This will include the material, cutting and polishing the material , delivery and installation of the material.


What does "Supply Only" include?

This will include the material, cutting and polishing of the material.


Do I need to give you the sink for the sink cut-hole?

Yes. Please provide us your sink template or your sink in order for us to cut the sink cut-hole.


Once I placed my order, how long does it take to have the material installed ?

It will usually take around 2-3 weeks.


Will my granite/marble/ quartz looks exactly like the pictures shown online?

We suggested our customers to come into our office to look at the display samples because the images may look different than the actual material depending on the lighting , the compression of the image, and different computer systems.


Should I use marble for my kitchen countertop?

We usually do not recommend our clients to use marble for kitchen countertop because marble is a soft material and it is more porous compared to granite. Another words, it is more likely to chip and stained if not taken care of.


Does granite chip or stain ?

Granite, in general ,is a very dense material and cannot be easily damaged or stained in normal settings and everyday usage. However, there are many different types of granite and the density and porous may differ depending on the material .


What kind of payments methods do you accept ?

Our company accepts Cash, Cheques, Credit card (Visa & Master Card) , and Interact Payment.


How much deposit do you require to place the order for Supply & Install ?

At most times, a minimum of 50% deposit payment of the job's total amount will be required when placing an order. However, if the job material's cost is high, our company will required 50%- 80% deposit of the job's total amount.


Do we need to seal the stone? And how often do we need to reapply the sealer ?

This depends on the type of material. For the materials that requires sealer, we will usually apply sealer on the stones before we install the top. However, the number of years of reapplying the sealer on the stone varies. Our professional staffs can provide you with more detailed information about each stone when you come into our office.


What is the return policy ?

All custom made products are non-refundable.

All claim on tile after sale must be filed within 7 days. We considered merchandise may be returned a must with unopened box packed in original quantity and without damage.
Return goods are subjected to 25% restocking charges on all accepted returns.

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